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Please Note:
'days' are representing business days (Monday - Friday excluding holidays). The business day AFTER your package is shipped begins the first shipping day. USPS Parcel (Postal Service) is used for all FREE SHIPPING promotions.

Order Processing Time - Processing time will depend on the volume of orders received. All order ship within 72 hours. Orders during Christmas time and peak season may require an extra business day to ship.

Delivery Time Calculation - The business day after your package ships starts the first shipping day. For example, If you order on Monday Your package will be scheduled for a pickup on Tuesday so your shipping days start on Wednesday.

Rule of Thumb - Place your order so you'll receive it 5 business days in advance to assure you'll have it in the time frame needed. Do not wait until the last minute! The info stated on this page is a general guideline only and dependent on order volume.

Select the Correct Service - Do not select a service at checkout that is not available to your area. Your package will be held until we contact you to resolve the issue. This will delay shipping at least 1 business day.

Tracking Information - USPS tracking information is sent via email when the shipping label is printed.

Delivery Time - We cannot guarantee the delivery time of any package. Shipping fees are never refundable.

Scheduled Delivery Time - USPS does not schedule or show a delivery time when tracking.

Shipping Accounts - We will not accept requests to process and bill a shipment under another UPS or USPS account. We currently do not ship FedEx or DHL.

Insurance - Please Choose priority mail for your shipment . Priority Mail Includes up to $50 in insurance coverage.
There is nothing we can do after the fact! USPS will not make any exceptions for claims on lost or damaged items without the proper insurance applied at the time of package processing.

USPS Ground Customers - Reference the USPS Ground Transit Map found in the above section. This will show you the estimated business day transit time to your area from our location.

PO, APO and FPO Boxes - You must use USPS services if your shipping address is a post office box.

Currently we only us USPS Priority mail to ship International. Please use the shipping calculator in your cart to view
the countries we ship to outside the US .

Please read the following international shipping terms and conditions BEFORE purchasing. If you are outside the US, you are bound by the following terms and conditions. By purchasing at AutoCocker, you have read and agreed to the following terms.

1. AutoCocker does not ship paintballs Internationally.

2. It is the responsibility of all international customers to understand and adhere to any and all regulations regarding
the importation, ownership and use of paintball related items in your specific location. By ordering, it is agreed that
you have read and understood the laws governing these activities and are acting accordingly and within the scope
of applicable laws.

3. Should an issue arise with a customs agency, it is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CUSTOMER to work with that
agency through the customs process. AutoCocker is NOT responsible for any item detained or seized
by a customs related agency. AutoCocker Parts will NOT issue a refund or replacement on any order or item detained, either temporarily or permanently, by a customs (shipping) related agency.

4. There is a strong likelihood that fees (including but not limited to brokerage fees, duty fees, customs fees and international tariff fees) could apply to your purchase. Payments of such fees are required at delivery and due to the shipping carrier. These fees are NOT included or covered by the shipping costs associated with your purchase at AutoCocker

It is the responsibility of the customer to pay all fees regarding the shipping and importation of any order.
AutoCocker will not be responsible for any package refused at delivery nor the shipping costs associated with refused and/or returned orders. Any item refused and returned to AutoCocker will have ALL FEES regarding its return deducted from the refund amount in additional to 20% restocking fee. We will not credit fees you may owe at delivery.

5. In rare cases, some items ‘could’ be mistakenly deemed as a ‘replica firearm’ by Canadian customs and seized.
These items are highly subjective to the customs agent/agency that reviews the order, therefore it is impossible to predict a delivery outcome for orders consisting of a paintball gun, paintball gun package or launcher of any type.
If you are unwilling to accept the risk associated with purchasing such items, please exclude the items from your
order and purchase them locally.

6. All customs forms will reflect the exact purchase price of the items within the order. We will not adjust the purchase price of items on forms, doctor invoices or mark packages as 'Gifts' to reduce or eliminate customs or duty fees that may be due at delivery. All packages will contain an invoice stating the purchase price of the items within the order. We cannot ship a 'packing list' in lieu of an invoice. By placing an order, you agree to the
Terms and Conditions binding all purchases made at